Saturday, June 25, 2011

Expanding: From Trees to Branching Out

Re-thinking and un-learning have been two topics that wove through discussions recently. Paul and I enjoyed a visit from Ravi and Priya on the island connected through shared Ekta Parishad involvement. Priya re-introduced me to the idea of writing and the blog. It occurred to me that my idea of blog- limited posts, quotes, images and very little of 'me' emerging might be expanded to a reflective space. I'm just going to write about what is happening in my life. Let's start with yesterday.

Instead of cleaning up the art room, I spent the morning planning Day 1 of workshops in Grenada for Project Overseas. I realized that I am combining 10 years of art gems and trying to to shoehorn them into 10 days of teacher workshops. This alone would fill my suitcase, and packing has been a problem. Two of the team want to bring an extra suitcase and I would love to as well, but this isn't simplify, simplify. That is the mantra.

I want to post a photo from yesterday's meeting and wrap up of a two year program called "Lights for Learning'. Two students were instrumental in the completion of the project.

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