Monday, December 5, 2011

India, Trees and Transformation

On the road since September 8 has created new channels and currents as well as the growing capacity to move according to the speed of the flow. Leaving Bhopal yesterday after re-juvenation and reflection felt right. We had spent good time with our 'travelling wallah's - Oriana and Scott and had many discussions about our thoughts on India, Ekta Parishad, our own identities as travellers, contributors or associates. I do often hear Rajagopal's words ringing in my ear from the long ago beginnings in Kanjakumari - keep your focus and the right to land and livelihood for me is perhaps the essence. The right to a place under the sun...and why do I have this without suffering when this is not the truth of the majority? The big questions slip in and out of the stream, and I am eager for our project in Sheopur among the Saharia at an all girls' school. I hope it will become clear how I can use and develop some art lessons to connect to human rights and stories....we shall see.

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